Tough talk urges local farmers to look forward

AS MID North livestock producers look to the season ahead, they have been reminded of the importance of community and connectedness during the tough times at a Eudunda drought forum on Thursday.
Many expressed their sense of relief after guest speakers, ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’ Warren Davies and Western NSW Division pastoralist Gus Whyte, shared
their stories on ways for struggling farmers to make business decisions and plans during the dry times.
Event co-organiser Spence Dix & Co’s Daniel Doecke said more people attended than he had expected.
“We have not held an event like this in this community for a really long time, if ever, so it was a chance for everyone to share a common story with each other,” he said. “The event gave people a chance to feel more positive and remember to look forward to better times, and understand they are not alone.” Many farmers had already decided to destock by up to 50 per cent this year, in anticipation of an expected hard season.
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