Address: 1, 2 Pontifex Road, PASKEVILLE, SA, 5552


Land Details:5.98 hectares

Situated on three freehold titles, the property is approximately 9.98 Ha or (24.66 Acres), over the 2 sites.
The Feedlot is currently licensed to hold 1200 - 600 kg standard cattle units, with further capacity available if purchaser wants to feed lighter cattle, Licence allows for up to 2400 - 300 kg. The feedlot is MSA registered and EPA, Ausmeat and Woolworths accredited. Cattle are currently marketed through Woolworths (approx 240 cattle per month)
15 inch average rainfall approximately
Improvements include:
. Large hay and grain shed about 180 ft x 60 ft in very good condition with rubble floor. Holds approximately
1400 - 8 x 4 x 4 big square hay bales, it is enclosed on three and one third sides.
. Steel frame hay shed.
. Mill shed.
. Pig shed.
. Atco office.
. Lime shed.
. Nine steel and cable feedlot pens. Rubble based. All watered. Four pens have covered feeding troughs.
. Double loading ramp.
. Weighing shed.
. 20,000 gallon tank.
. Mains water.
. Plant and equipment includes- Feedmill & Mixer, Truck and Feed-out Bin, 2 - articulated loaders, all silos,
50" Auger, Ute, tandem trailer
. All locally sourced Hay, Silage, Straw & Grain on hand is included in the sale. A nutriconist is employed to
test and design feed mixes.

"Coolalie" is a well set up and managed Cattle Feedlot, with a good track history.

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