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  • Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance Program (4/30/2019) - The Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance program provides health condition and disease feedback to South Australian producers that has been detected at Thomas Foods International abattoirs. The program helps producers: improve sheep health and welfare maximise farm productivity increase profits The program assists the industry with: reducing waste trade access and market opportunities sheep health and disease […]
  • Managing drought and planning for the future (4/8/2019) - An innovative program with on-farm support to assist family businesses to identify and adopt proven practices to manage and recover from drought and improve future productivity and profitability.The Drought Strategic Business Review has been developed by Rural Business Support (RBS) with funding provided by the Government ofSouth Australia through Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).View […]
  • SA Sheep Entry Requirements (6/3/2019) - Biosecurity SA staff have recently detected a number of truckloads of sheep and lambs moving to properties in South Australia from Western Australia and Victoria which DO NOT meet current entry requirements. Issues detected to date include- No Sheep Health Declaration accompanying the sheep into SA Terminal Trade Lambs not being tagged with NLIS tags with […]
  • Spence Dix & Co 10 year birthday celebrations (12/13/2018) - Spence Dix & Co celebrates 10th anniversary milestone           Read the full story here from the Stock Journal (Ian Turner 3rd April  2019)    
  • Updated Cattle Health Statements (5/7/2020) - A new version of the cattle health declaration has been released. The declaration is designed to capture important information about the health of a mob of cattle at the time they are sold, assisting the buyer in managing their introduction to the property and their integration into a new herd.  The update has brought information […]
  • Updated guidelines for Welfare of Animals at Saleyards (6/13/2018) - The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines – Livestock at Saleyards and Depots replaces the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Animals at Saleyards. Producers have a duty of care to ensure that animals they present for sale in sale yards adhere to these standards. For further information click here.
  • Updated National Vendor Declarations (5/8/2020) - Updated NVD’S Updated versions of LPA NVDs for all species will be available from 1 July 2020, to be identified by version number 0720. Current versions of NVDs for all species will continue to be accepted until 31 December 2020. Examples of current versions for cattle, sheep, goats, bobby calves, EU cattle. From 1 January […]