Naracoorte Cattle Report

Numbers rose sharply as agents yarded 776 head of live weight and open auction cattle, a rise of over 500 head on the previous weeks low. The usual group of trade and processor buyers was present and active along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality lifted on the previous week as the market sold from firm to slightly dearer in price.

There was a small number of vealers presented, with steers selling to 330c and heifers to 318c/kg. Yearling steers were mixed in quality with some excellent cattle suited to slaughter combined with several pens of store conditioned types. The trade were active paying from 255c to 310c, feeders bought from 290c to 297c while there was strong restocker support ranging from 262c to a high of 317c/kg. Yearling heifers were a similar run to the steers with the trade active from 260c to 306c, feeders also purchased to 306c as restockers turned these back out ranging from 244c to 276c/kg.

A much larger offering of grown steers and bullocks were penned, with these cattle lifting in quality and receiving a 5c/kg lift in price. They ranged from 252c to 300c with grown heifers ranging from 226c to 280c, and manufacturing steers sold to 250c/kg. A small number of cows came forward with the light weight types making from 194c to 228c and the heavier types trading from 228c to 258c/kg to be firm in price. Heavy bulls ranged from 226c to 255c with light weights reaching a high of 273c/kg.
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Wagga Cattle Report

Reduced numbers helped fuel a price rise for lighter weight weaners and yearling cattle suitable for the trade. Not all the usual buyers attended or operated fully. There was keen interest from restockers this week, with more rain predicted. Feedlot competition was patchy, with some feedlots only making steer purchases around the 280c to 290c/kg price level. Feeder heifers were keenly contested with the Angus portion enjoying stronger bidding.

In the trade market prices for yearling steers and heifers stepped up 11c to 12c/kg. The better finished pens of trade heifers sold from 276c to 298c/kg. Well finished medium weight trade steers were mostly grass finished making from 302c to 312c/kg. A few more prime finished vealers are starting to come onto the market in bigger numbers. They attracted premiums as buyers opted to bid on weight and quality. Vealer jumped 13c making from 310c to 343c/kg. Light weight weaner types sold to stronger demand showing a rise of 16c to 43c/kg across the board.

Feeder steers were well supplied and both the light and medium weight steers sold to mixed price trends with demand fluctuating at a certain price levels. The bulk of the feeder steers sold from 274c to 321c/kg. The general price trend for feeder heifers was stronger, with the lighter weights making from 268c to 307c/kg.

Major processor competition was steady and not all processors attended. The better quality pens of prime finished steers were unchanged to average 287c/kg. Bullock prices eased 10c, making from 270c to 294c/kg. Cow numbers dropped again this week to 350 head. Heavy cows topped at 249c to average 242c/kg. The D3 medium weights were back 5c, making from 210c to 231c/kg.
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Pakenham Cattle Report

Numbers remained similar to last week however quality improved. There were a few additional pens of lighter weighted supplementary fed cattle this sale which lifted competition and buyer interest, consequently trade cattle prices rebounded from last week’s downtrend to improve by 10c/kg and even more on some sales.

The best of the vealers to the trade reached 342c/kg. While several pens of the plainer quality vealers went back out to the paddock. The supplementary fed yearling steers were of lighter weights this week and the B and C muscled grades ranged from 306c to 338c to average 316c/kg. Grass finished yearlings made from 290c to 308c/kg. The yearling heifers ranged from 278c to 328c to average 302c and were 10c/kg dearer with the best of the supplementary fed lines seeing higher gains.

The 500-600kg steers C3 and C4 made from 286c to 300c to average 291c/kg. The 600kg plus bullocks made to 287c/kg.
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