Fortune Favours the South

The South-East and to a lesser extent the Southern Mallee areas of South Australia have been blessed with rainfall this growing season, which has enabled good foundations for the cropping enterprises and provide a solid base for Spring pasture growth to come. There has been a huge call on hay supplies throughout the district with most sheds now emptied, with Lucerne Hay going as far as Southern Queensland.  

The rains down this way have certainly attracted those from drier parts including around Broken Hill and further afield looking for country to either buy or lease (to lease being near on impossible), to sure up their breeding base or deal with young stock and provide a longer term reliable base to sustain their grazing operations. Our reliable rainfall base and general access to underground water for both stock and irrigation is certainly another keenly sought after aspect.

Great commodity prices with ongoing records tumbling for wool and prime lambs, strong mutton and handy beef prices, continues to fuel interest from graziers wanting to maintain their income streams. Coupled with the spike added to grain and hay prices by the drought in much of the rest of Australia, this is what is stopping many potential vendors from selling –  they are simply enjoying the ride for a bit longer before they decide to retire. In my 38 years of selling Rural Real Estate I cannot remember a time when there has been so little on the market.

We have a couple of outstanding new listings about to be released in the highly regarded Willalooka district South of Keith containing irrigation and a well-positioned Southern Mallee crop and grazing holding, to add to several other current cropping, grazing and irrigation properties on offer.

If you would like priority access to these upcoming listings before they are released to the public or to discuss Rural Real Estate in the Upper South East, Coorong and Southern Mallee districts –  contact me on 0427 582 177