Spence Dix & Co are proud to offer for sale – “Churchill Downs” and “Cheviot”
A prime mixed farming enterprise of 987 Ha with multiple revenue streams.
This versatile property in the highly regarded and tightly held Brimbago district is situated 15 km South East of Keith with bitumen road frontage to the Dukes Highway. There is further access from the Brimbago South Rd.
Farmed sustainably by the same owners for 37 years the land is ideal for multiple cropping enterprises and is well developed for grazing both sheep and cattle. There are 10km of fenced shelter belts across the property.
Soil types include heavy loam flats, sandy loam over clay and sandy loam over limestone. The average rainfall since 1980 has been 482.5mm.
Fencing is in excellent condition as is the stock water infrastructure providing good quality water. Near new cattle yards and well maintained sheep yards and shearing shed complement this.
Any areas that would benefit from claying or delving have already been done, along with some spading. There are rubble laneways on Cheviot and rubble and clay access tracks on Churchill Downs.
Excellent pastures are clover and Lucerne based. In 2016 – 750 large round bales of hay were made on 60 Ha.
The property has been conservatively stocked and is currently carrying 3300 sheep and lambs plus 50 steers.
Churchill White Suffolk stud was founded in 1999 and annually sells 90-120 rams to commercial breeders.
In 2017 – 425 Ha is currently being cropped – 236 Ha Oats, 42 Ha Lupins, 63 Ha Clover and 84 Ha dryland Lucerne.
In previous years Wheat, Canola, Barley, Beans, Vetch and small seeds such as various Clovers, Serradella and coriander have been grown.
A comfortable 3-4 bedroom brick family home in an attractive setting is on “Churchill Downs” and a 3 bedroom workman’s cottage on “Cheviot”.
The Sale of “Churchill Downs” and “Cheviot” provides the opportunity to acquire highly productive flexible properties in an excellent location that are in great heart.
The owners have developed their land and their grazing, croping and small seed pursuits, to maximise their soil types and production capabilities coupled with the good rainfall average. They have run diverse sheep and cattle grazing pursuits, along with their well established White Suffolk stud to complement their grazing business, alongside cropping and high return small seed opportunities from well managed Lucerne and Clovers.
The ability to grow Clover over such a high percentage of their land, clearly demonstrates the strength and health of these properties.
Inputs, management and rotation decisions have been matched to seasonal conditions and commodity markets. Running as a reactive agricultural and grazing business has achieved the best possible return on capital, inputs, land class and available rainfall.
The flexible, strong and well managed land with great fertiliser history provides the foundations to enable diversification into different crops and pasture returns, be it hay, increased grazing or small seed production.
The ideal rainfall advantage enjoyed by this closely held district and shown in the owners 37 years of records averaging 482.5 mm, complements and underpins the production opportunities.
Wrap all this up with a most comfortable homestead and appropriate shedding, with both sheep and cattle facilities (and those on “Cheviot”) in such a convenient location adjoining a major highway, being close to good facilities in Keith and Bordertown, with Adelaide being an easy 2 ½ hour drive, and you have such an appealing farming and grazing opportunity to take advantage of, either as a whole, or in individual farms.
It is easy to see why any prudent purchaser would be impressed and it’s our pleasure as Agents to highly recommend “Churchill Downs” & “Cheviot”.
“Churchill Downs” and “Cheviot” are a standout farming enterprise and represent a very well managed package of quality land which offers the buyer an opportunity to run a truly diversified farming operation.
Being offered for sale “As a Whole” or in the 2 individual properties of “Churchill Downs” and “Cheviot”

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